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Let us help you find your peace of mind.

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Couples Counselling

Providing a safe space for the exploration of issues, better communication styles, and understanding of behavioural patterns.


Gain understanding into mind body connections and learn how to identify triggers.

Pure Energy Healing

Utilizing Life Force Energy

Addictions Counselling

Identify triggers, learn coping skills, and develop stronger community supports.

Family & Group Counselling

Looking at group dynamics, roles, patterns, and boundaries.

Youth & Child Counselling

A safe and supportive place for youth and children to talk, learn, and gain insight into mental wellness through life changes.

Workplace Issues

Get support with conflict resolution, communication, boundaries, and energy care.

Grief & Loss

Honouring the process of grief and loss with acceptance and peace. Understanding the stages of grief while providing a supportive place to begin healing.

Counselling for Illness

Gain deeper understanding about pain and illness and learn tools to help cope with chronic illness.

Accessible Counselling Services

At K’awat’si Counselling, we strive to make our services accessible to all by offering complimentary services to the North Vancouver Island Community. 

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