Workplace Conflict

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What is Workplace Conflict?

Workplace conflicts often horn into great work environments due to differences in opinions, conversations turning into heated arguments, and in some cases, even deep-rooted biases. Increasingly aggressive workplace conflicts can even cause a massive upheaval in both the personal and professional lives of employees.


Active listening and the ability to understand the perspective of both sides are integral for building trust and respecting individual personalities. Empathy is a crucial conflict resolution skill, especially for mediators; this helps in understanding both situations without taking any sides. Active listening makes you attentive, helps observe non-verbal cues through body language, and helps understand why the person’s motives. A brainstorming session facilitated by the mediators can help in understanding the trigger points and getting to a solution quickly.

What are the Benefits to Workplace Conflict Resolution?

Conflict is a day-to-day thing, and healthy, constructive conflict is a good way of learning things and making better decisions. However, negative conflicts create tension and reduce productivity, impacting overall organizational performance. Hence, conflict management and resolution are an integral part of every company.


A well-managed conflict then has many benefits for your organization. With productive, well-managed conflict, you will see the following:

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