Counselling for Youth & Children

A safe and supportive place for children to talk

What is Counselling for Youth & Children?

Counselling for Children and Youth is available as a support for Children and adolescents that have experienced challenging life experiences that may cause emotional distress. Child and Youth counselling also focuses on the unique experience of children and adolescents struggling with mental health conditions.


Children and adolescents experience similar mental health conditions to adults. Stress, Anxiety, and Depression can have an impact on how children and youth function on a daily basis. Child and Youth counseling further breaks down the issues and impacts so that children and adolescents can understand what is happening. The goal of Child and Youth counseling is to help children and youth function in a healthy way in their lives and learn adequate coping strategies that they may carry into adulthood.


What are The Benefits to Youth Counselling?

We work with the child to identify goals, explore challenges, teach strategies and increase knowledge of how their brain and body work. With a focus on strengths, counselling is tailored to the individual child within a safe and therapeutic environment. Counselling can help our young people better understand their emotions, they can learn healthy ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and other emotions experienced through daily challenges. 

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