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K'awat'si Counselling & Healing Services

We offer individual, couples, and group counselling services free of charge to the North Island Community from experienced and qualified counsellors at K’awat’si Counselling. 

Receive support from professionals with any problem: Stress, Anxiety, Living with Trauma, Marital and Family Problems, Workplace Conflict, Lack Of Direction, and Chronic Illness. 

What We Offer

Port Hardy Indigenous Totem Pole

Includes Couples/Partner, Youth & Child, and Workplace Conflict Services

K'awat'si counselling

Includes Grief, Trauma, Addictions.

Addictions Counselling Port Hardy

Utilizing Life Force Energy

Why Choose K'awat'si Counselling?

K’awat’si Counselling provides Port Hardy and North Vancouver Island communities with different forms of counselling, therapy, and self-improvement services free of charge. We are experienced counsellors ready to assist you with a variety of difficulties such as Trauma, Family Counselling, Couples Counselling, Parenting Counselling, Addictions Counselling, Grief & Loss Counselling, Workplace Conflict, and Life Change & Transitions. 

K'awat'si Counselling & Healing Specializes In


We focus on helping individuals to process and heal from the psychological impact of traumatic events. The goal of trauma counselling is to help regain a sense of control and wellbeing, and to improve quality of life. 

Traditional Healing

Utilizing life force energy to bring balance and wellness to the mind, body, and spirit. Finding inner harmony and peace with traditional forms of healing. A non-invasive and relaxing approach to healing the mental wellbeing of an individual.  

Addictions Counselling

Offering a safe and supportive space to look at triggers, coping skills, and behavioral patterns. We work together to strengthen community connections and support. 

Grief & Loss

Honouring the process of grief & loss by helping provide a supportive space to learn and develop healthy coping strategies and understanding the stages of grief. We hope to provide a safe space to gain acceptance and understanding during difficult times in life. 

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